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Walter Clark: Blog

Studio dismantled and my intention is to recreate it in a completely soundproof environment.  Cost estimates are done and exterior design also completed.  Hoping to be set up in March.  Meanwhile taking some time off from work to deal with several issues that working for others has caused me to neglect.  Rethinking everything right now, even the need for a page such as this.

Back on high volume

Posted on September 14, 2017
Been working at several venues lately, still at the Ritz, but also a return to Salvatore and a new venue, the Marriott in south Osaka.  Its been going for the last couple of months but I will return to the Ritz Mon-Wed starting in October.  Was able to do several songs for the upcoming album, but not yet satisfied that there is enough material and variety for a new release yet.
Just trying to rebuild my energy and continue improving my artistic production.

Many Splendid Things Homepage

Posted on September 13, 2016
Considering eliminating this homepage and combining everything here on the Clark Enterprises page just to simplify matters.

Not yet available on the web.  This release has a clearer sound, especially the title track.
As one customer put it: After listening to the new version more than a few times, I can honestly say the sound is "crisper" and more even if that makes any sense. Before it seemed some instruments blared out louder than the rest and the balance of the tone was different. I thought it was my terrible hearing problems. This new one seems to have a more even sound for my ears where it is even more soothing.
The remixing of Best Thing to Come is still in progress as previously undiscovered tracks are being introduced and several previously used tracks are being discarded. Also a special equalizer is being handmade in Houston Texas which will be used in this an all future releases. Patience. It'll be worth the wait. Cant do anything new until having dealt with all the issues that bug me about this CD.

New Versions of all CDs in the works

Posted on February 3, 2016
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Many Splendid Things and to improve the quality of all releases at least 30% , addressing issues of clarity.  Release dates to be announced.

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